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Spray Foam Roofing – What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Spray foam roofing is a waterproof and weatherproof roofing option for any industrial or commercial building. But is it worth the cost?

What are the problems that may come up while installing or during its lifespan? I am sure these are all the questions you want to be answered. I cover all of this and more in this article.

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  1. Get a completely free quote for this type of roof.
  2. What is spray polyurethane foam roofing?
  3. Are foam roofs any good and can you walk on them?
  4. What are some of the benefits of using this roofing material?
  5. What are some of the problems and solutions using SPF roofing?
  6. What is the projected price to install this roofing material?

What is foam roofing?

Spray foam roofing is a roofing material often used for commercial or industrial buildings to ensure a roof is waterproof, wind-resistant and protects against the elements. It is a great option to consider as it can be used effectively in any climate.

Spray Polyurethane Foam, often referred to as SPF, starts as a liquid that is sprayed onto a roof surface, this liquid will then expand and form into a foam creating a solid layer of roofing material that will protect your roof from water and sun. It is very resilient and has been recorded to last close to 50 years should it be well maintained.

While not a very common type of roofing material you would run into on a daily basis, especially on any residential building, SPF has been around since the 1960s where it was primarily used on commercial and industrial buildings, however, there are cases of it being used in residential housing as well, primarily on flat or low inline roofs.

Is it a good option for my building?

As you will see from the rest of the article, this roofing material is a great option to consider when if you are planning on replacing your current setup, it is hardy and lasts a great deal of time if properly maintained.

It is possible to walk on it once the material is cured, dried and the final layer is applied. It is very important that you keep an eye on the material, especially after extreme weather conditions, it is far easier to maintain than replace.

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The benefits you can enjoy with this roofing material.

Now that you know what this type of roofing is, let’s go over some of the great benefits afforded to you should you choose to use this type of roofing for your home.

If you would like a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of this type of roof I have written a more extensive article on this aspect of SPF roofing that I would encourage you to look at here.

Ease of installation.
What makes SPF roofing so great is that it requires little to no interruption for you while it is being installed. While the foam is being applied to the roof, you and your workforce can work as normal with repetitively low amounts of noise and disturbance.

As SPF stars out as a liquid that is sprayed onto a roof that will then expand into a foam, it will then fit the roof no matter the shape, size or type.

Note that the existing roof should be completely cleaned before being sprayed with SPF as it needs to adhere to a solid surface. Once cleaned, you can use it on all roofing material such as concrete, asphalt shingles, wood or even metal.

Simple to maintain.
This roofing material is perfect if you do not have the time or patience for weekly maintenance, it is very resilient and can withstand extreme conditions and requires very little upkeep. It also boasts a lifespan of around 50 years if properly maintained.

It is recommended that the material is inspected once or twice a year just to make sure there are no weak spots that will need to be attended to. I would also highly recommend that you do an additional inspection should any serious events happen during a year that might cause any damage to the material.

Should anything happen where the material needs to be touched up, what makes this so great, is that the existing roofing material does not need to be scraped or removed beforehand, it just needs to be cleaned and a new coat can be applied on top of the first.

With SPF there should be no breaks or gaps if it is applied correctly. You must get a spray foam roofing material professional to do the job as any imperfections in the final product will compromise its longevity and its effectiveness.

This roofing material also helps current roofing systems that may have some leaks already, as it is applied to the roofing surface as a liquid and then expands to a foam, it fills any existing cracks or leaks that may have been there before.

The foam is also very durable and can expand and contract depending on weather conditions reducing the risk of the material splitting or cracking. This is extremely helpful if the building is in areas that experience either extreme in the weather.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
For the environmentally conscious, spray foam roofing is a great option. Due to the nature that it is applied and the long-lasting material, it is very environmentally friendly and I would encourage you to take a look at the option.

Unlike other roofing materials where you would have to first remove any old materials that are already there when applying SPF, you can apply it directly to the surface of the roof with minimal stripping. This creates low waste and saves you money on labor for tearing off the old material.

This roofing option also boasts ultra-low global warming potential, low in volatile organic compounds and zero ozone-depleting potential as it contains no ozone-depleting substances.

Some of the problems and solutions during and after installation.

This roof has a fair share of problems, but most of which have easy solutions or are completely fabricated myths that we can get out of the way and not have to worry about.

High upfront cost.
SPF is not the cheapest solution, with the price of covering 5000 square meters you are looking at spending roughly between $5.00 and $7.00 per square foot, this will cover not only the materials but labor as well. So with this in mind, you should project to spend about $30000 on average for the whole project.

This does put it on the higher side for the cost of replacing or resurfacing a roof. However, you should take into account the lifespan of this roofing material, if it is well maintained it boasts a life span of up to 50 years. This makes this roofing system only $600 a year on average, not including maintenance fees.

Inspection frequency.
Its no secret that you will need to inspect your roof at least once a year and after any severe weather that could damage the material. This will inevitably raise the price of the cost of the roof per year.

Most contractors will be able to assist you with the inspections and maintenance of your roof with varying packages to suit your needs, anything from annual visual inspections to full cleaning packages. I would highly recommend you look at these as it does take a huge weight off your shoulders to get a professional in to do the work for you.

Warranties and lifespan.
When you get your roofing installed, any good contractor will offer you a warranty provided you use their services for any repairs and maintenance for the first few years

Please, I would highly recommend you seriously consider this offer, it is a massive protection for you as they will cover anything that could potentially go wrong with the material. Thereafter you can extend this warranty by restoring the top coating of silicone, not only keeping your roof healthy but giving you added peace of mind.

Risk of over-spray.
This is one of the highest risks, I highly recommend you go with someone that knows what they are doing and are a professional when it comes to applying SPF roofing and has the correct tools for the job. Because of the nature of the application, there is a risk that wind can carry the material onto nearby buildings, cars or other surfaces.

This also covers the fact that you need to find the right contractor for the job. Ensure they are certified with the SPFA (Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance), which is a certification program that ensures contractors have to pass an exam to correctly apply the roofing.

Contractors will have many ways to cover this, have a chat with the contractors in your area and ensure they are following these practices. A good contractor should offer you a guarantee to cover the costs of any damages that may be caused during the application.

Installation windows.
Due to the nature of the installation of SPF roofing, there is a limited time of the year that you can actually get it applied to your roof, there needs to be minimal wind at the time so as not to risk over-spray, as mentioned above and warm and dry so that is can settle as fast as possible.

This will make it difficult to get a contractor on short notice as they will often book out times to install in advance and if the weather is off on the day of installation it will have to be postponed for a later date.

I would highly recommend that you call a contractor in advance and arrange a booking for a time that fits the above criteria. This way you are guaranteed a date, as well as if the time comes and the weather is off, you should not be delayed too much as the contractor should prioritize your installation for as soon as the weather is suitable.

How much does it cost to install?

A contractor will charge between $5.00 and $7.00 per square foot. This price will cover the roofing material and the labor. They should also offer you a guarantee that if there are any damages caused, the contractor should cover these damages.

Should you choose to purchase a kit to do the installation yourself, you can expect to pay between $1.50 and $3.00 per square foot for installation and material. While this might seem very appealing at this kind of price drop, I would highly recommend you do not go this route as you void all the guarantees and warranties offered by a contractor.

The risk is not worth the reward when considering what can go wrong when doing this work yourself. Anything from over-spray to an uneven application will cost you more in the long run. I implore you to get a quote and weigh the pros and cons of the added price, I promise it will save you in the long run.

In conclusion, you can see that spray foam roofing is a great option for any industrial or commercial building boasting a long lifespan, easy maintenance, and great insulation. However, as I have stressed many times, it is imperative that it is installed correctly and maintained well, I implore you to consider the professional contractors in your area and get a quote for this great roofing option.


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