Completed Peel And Stick Flat Roof Peel and stick roofing is not very common of an option for your roofing such as shingles or otherwise. What is nice however, about this type of roofing is, with the right tools, you could do it yourself with some effort. Below we discuss how it works, how to install it, and who should use it for their roof.

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  2. Is peel and stick the same as peel and seal?
  3. How does peel and stick compare to synthetic underlayment?
  4. Which roofing material should you buy?
  5. How to install peel and stick roofing and how much does it cost?
  6. Some reviews that I found online to save you some time.

Is peel and stick the same as peel and seal?

The short answer is yes, peel and seal is a brand of peel and stick roofing. There are many popular brands, but some are definitely a superior product than others. That being said, they are all meant to achieve the same thing, waterproofing for your roof. If you are looking for new roofing, you might find that this product is easier than using traditional shingles.

How does peel and stick compare to synthetic underlayment?

Rolling Out Peel And Stick RoofingFirst, we should define what synthetic underlayment is. It is made usually of polyester or fiberglass and saturated in asphalt then applied directly to your roof decking to make it watertight, your roofing material, such as shingles, is then placed on top. It is not meant to be exposed to the elements, it is usually used as a layer of protection rather than your traditional roofing material.

Peel and stick roofing is usually quite a bit thicker than any type of roofing underlayment as it would be not only replacing your shingles but also your waterproofing that would be covered by your synthetic underlayment that is only one part of your roofing. It is much easier to install as it is just a case of unrolling and sticking it to your roof decking.

PRO TIP: While peel and stick solutions are not difficult to install, we would recommend you consult a roofing professional and at least get a quote on doing the installation.

Which roofing material should you buy?

You have a large selection of many different roofing materials that you can purchase from Home Depot or Lowes, such as GAF, MFM, and LeakBarrier. All these companies are some of the most respected and the best in the industry and provide you and your home great value. There are several sizes to choose from along with colors and textures to match any home.

A downside of choosing peel and stick roofing is that you generally have to buy quite a bit extra and there is a bit of waste as no roof is made the same and will end with a lot of offcuts and excess at the conclusion of the project.

Self Adhesive On Flat Roof
Low Slope Peel And Stick Roof
Example Of Flat Roof Peel And Stick

How much does peel and stick roofing cost?

Choosing to go with this solution for your home is definitely a great option, and it is very budget-friendly. You can pick up these peel and stick rolls from most hardware chains or even online for Lowes or Home Depot.

On average, you are looking at spending between $120 to $150 per roll, depending on the suppliers in your area. This price can be lower depending on how much you wish to purchase, if you want to buy a pallet of about 26 rolls, you can expect to pay a little less.

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How to install peel and stick roofing yourself

While we always recommend getting professionals to do any repairs or installations for your roofing needs, peel and stick roofing is quite simple and user-friendly to apply to your roof, especially since it doesn’t require any specialized tools. It would be advised you ask a friend or family member to assist you as this will greatly reduce the load of applying this to your roofing deck.

Peel And Stick Hand Rolling ToolStep 1 First thing that is very important before starting is to clean your roof deck properly. Start with a large broom and sweep the entire area removing any and all debris from the roof decking. If there is tough dirt on the roof, get a degreaser or a hardy detergent to remove this dirt completely. We would also recommend you use a damp cloth afterward to wipe down the roof deck to ensure there is absolutely no dust before applying your peel and stick. If there are any nail heads sticking out of your roof decking, hammer these in now so that they are sitting flush with the roof decking.

Step 2 Next you want to start to unroll your peel and stick and align it with the lowest edge and the side edge of your roof. Begin to remove the paper underneath the peel and stick and press it down onto your roof deck, ensuring you keep a straight edge as you apply it to the roof deck.

Step 3 Slowly pull the release paper from the back of the peel and stick while you apply pressure and smooth it all down. Once you reach the end, cut it to size and ensure you have applied it all the way to the end of your roof deck.

Step 4 Take a hand roller and firmly roll it over the newly applied peel and stick to ensure you have perfect contact to the roof deck.

Step 5 The next piece you want to apply it at least 3 inches over the last for a waterproof seal. Take the next roll and begin applying it like the first with the 3-inch overlap, keep doing until you have covered your entire roof deck.

You can fully install this product, depending on the size of your roof, in an afternoon, especially if you a few friends to help.

Some reviews of peel and stick

The reviews posted online for these products show that they are a great option for those that are on a budget. If you would like to know what the typical customer says about these products should read the reviews below and determine if this is the solution they want for their home.

Review #1: Peel & Seal should be good enough in general. I applied it to a flat RV roof, and it worked great for many years.
Review #2: I installed it that way a year ago. Make sure to coat anything rusty. Very impressed with products adhesion.
Review #3: This product is a peel and stick sheet, not anything that can be brushed on. We did apply it to clean swept plywood roofing.

From this, we can see that anyone that wants to get great protection for your roof on a budget should seriously consider peel and stick. Although we always recommend a roofing professional to do all your roofing repairs and installations, peel and stick is definitely a great choice for those on a budget and are able to do it themselves. It provides great protection for your home and is very versatile.

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